How to Clean Glass With Water

Most people grow up being told that you can only clean glass with chemicals like Windex, but that’s actually not true. Water from your sink and a couple of paper towels is a cheap and easy way to clean glass. Why? Because unlike chemicals, water is less likely to streak, and if it does, it only takes a few wipes to make it disappear. Water is also a lot cheaper than buying a fancy chemicals. There are no harmful chemicals to breath in and absolutely no smell. And did I mention it’s also eco- and budget-friendly?

So how do you clean glass with water?

Step 1: Get a paper towel wet with water.

Step 2: Begin wiping the glass in a circular motion to remove spots.

Step 3: Once all spots are gone, get a second dry paper towel or rag and wipe down the mirror. I like to do an up-down and then left-right motion. Continue until there is no more water on the mirror.

Step 4: Look for any spots you missed or streaks. If you find spots, use the wet paper towel to scrub that spot and dry again. If you find streaks, just wipe again with the dry towel.

And you’re done!

This method can be used on cars, windows, pictures, mirrors, vases, electronics and every other glass thing in your home!

What do you think? Did it work for you? Would you rather use the chemicals? Let me know in the comments. And if you have any ideas or things you wish you knew, comment below and inspire my next post.

6 thoughts on “How to Clean Glass With Water

  1. If your mirrors are still streaky or cloudy, try rubbing it with some balled up newspaper. It seems counterintuitive but works surprisingly well.


  2. Add some vinegar to that water for a superior cleaning product (that you can also pickle with! lol).


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