How to Clean Stove Drip Pans

If your stove looks like mine, then we have a common problem: drip pans. Some people are smart and put tin foil over their pans, and some people (like me) are either too lazy or cheap to do that. So then we make a bit of work for ourselves. What happens when your pot pie soup (recipe coming soon) over boils (again) and you’re left with a soupy pan? I’ll tell you what happens: it burns onto the pan and sets off your fire alarm so you’re apartment neighbors will think you’re a horrible cook. Sigh. At least there’s a solution. Here’s how to clean out your stove drip pans with baking soda.

What You’ll Need:

  • A sink
  • Wash cloth
  • Dish soap
  • Baking Soda
  • Steel Wool

The first step is to get your pan out of your oven. Did you know you could do that?! It’s pretty sweet. First you have to pull out the stove cooking part. Grab it on both sides (or from the front if you’ve done this a few times) and pull straight out, away from the hole where the two conducting wires enter the stove. It may take a little tug, but it should come out easily.

Lift burning top

Set this part aside. You usually don’t need to worry about cleaning this swirly part because the pot/pan protects it. If you do need to clean it, you can either wash it down with a wash cloth or soap or use the same baking soda process you’re doing with this drip pan.

Now just lift the drip pan up and take it to the sink.

Before wash

The first step to cleaning this bad boy is just rinsing it off. You’d be surprised how much comes off.

After Rinse

Quite a difference right?! You may not have this great of difference if you’re pan is at this point already, but rinsing can help loosen any of the burnt stuff so it’s always good to do.

Next, take a wet wash cloth with lots of soap and scrub your pan!

After Wash

Again, a lot will come off. This is all the easy gunk, but what you have now is the real tough stuff. This is where you take baking soda.

Set your drip pan in the sink and cover it in baking soda. Baking soda will NOT damage your pan so don’t be afraid to use a lot.

Put Baking Soda On Pan

Use your wet washcloth to scrub the baking soda into the pan and cover the entire surface. This will create a white paste. That will be mostly clear at first, but as it dries will become more apparent.

Leave your pan for as long as you’re able. You can let it sit for 15 minutes or 48 hours. The baking soda will not damage the metal. The longer you let it sit, the more time the baking soda has to erode the burned on gunk.

Baking soda dried on pan

Once you’re ready, take a steel wool pad, get it a little wet and start scrubbing.  This is the part that takes the most effort. It may take a little elbow grease and time, but I promise everything can and will come off it you scrub for long enough. With that said, don’t hurt yourself! It doesn’t need to perfect.

When you’re done scrubbing, thoroughly rinse the pan and let it dry.

Ta-Da! You’ve successfully cleaned your drip pan! Repeat this process for all your drip pans for a great stove top.

To return your stove back to normal, just replace the drip pan so that the whole on the side is facing the metal prongs (these indicate where your swirly top connects to the power source). Then replace your swirly top. You have to put your two looped ends in between the metal prongs. You’ll feel when they connect. Don’t be afraid if it takes a few times and if you have to shove it in there good before it sits right.

How well did this process work for you? Comment with your experiences below and let me know if you have any other questions about how to clean your stove.

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  1. Great for electric but my stove is gas. Could you come clean my stove ? You would have experience to write about. Please.

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