10 Delicious New Ways to Make Ramen

Let’s be real, ramen can get really boring after eating it for a while. If you’re bored of eating the same old ramen, here are a few cheap ways to spice up your noodles!


Ramen Pancakes

This quick and quirky recipe is an Adulting For Millennials original! It’s weird, but definitely worth a try.


Bacon and Egg Ramen 

This recipe is a breakfast for kings! Although it requires a little more prep work, and a few key ingredients, it’s not a breakfast you want to pass up!


Lunches and Dinners

Top With Meat

Simple, easy, filling and yummy. Spice up your ramen by adding your favorite meat(s)! This is your change to create your own recipe!



Ramen Stir Fry

This recipe has seriously changed my life! I can’t eat ramen now without adding some stir fried veggies and bacon! So good!


Ramac and Cheese

I’ll admit that I’m a little afraid to try this one, but at the same time, what could be so bad? This is truly a creative way to make a classic dish. Scroll down to find this recipe.


Veggie Ramen

For all you vegetarians out there, here’s an easy and yummy veggie stir fry.


Egg Drop Soup Ramen

Want something a little different and that can be made in the microwave? Well this dish is just for you!


New Sauces

Sometimes, all you need is a little sauce to make ramen a whole new dish. Here are some suggestions of sauces (and the recipes).


For more ideas, check out these links!

Buzzfeed – How to Upgrade Your Instant Ramen

Serious Seats – 30 Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Instant Noodles


What recipes did you try or would you try? Are you a ramen purist or have you been looking for a new way to do an old dish? Tell me your thoughts in the comments below and add any ideas for topics you’d like to hear about!

9 thoughts on “10 Delicious New Ways to Make Ramen

  1. Ramen pancakes? I would have never thought of that. Not a big fan of pancakes in general, but I do love me some Ramen! The veggie Ramen looks delicious!

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