Deep Cleaning a Stove Top

Stove’s can be tricky things to clean, especially if you have an old stove like mine. It’s easy to clean the top, but what about the drip pans and all the other gunk that seeps underneath the burners? I have been in the position trying to clean the drip pans and the underneath only by going through the little burner holes. It wasn’t until recently that I discovered that you can lift the stove lid!

Lift lid

The line where my fingers are is where the lid lifts. Just lift up. It”s light so you don’t need to heave it. As you lift, you’ll notice that there are two little bars on either side of the stove top. Pull up until the little hooks on these bars is above the surface so it can hold the top up.


Now you can clean the underneath of your stove. Soap on a washcloth will usually do the job, but if you have some burned on gunk, you may try using baking soda and steel wool in a similar process to cleaning drip pans. Instead of rinsing, use a wet, non-soapy rag or washcloth to wipe the soap or baking soda away.

Now to put your stove back into place. Put your fingers at the base of the metal poles and push in. This will allow the stove top to come back down. Use your shoulder to hold the top up so that it doesn’t come down with a bang on top of your fingers. Let the top down gently. ¬†The top will just come to rest down on the stove – there’s no click or latch.

Undoing Stick

Now you can completely clean your stove top. It’s an easy and a fun fact that not many people know.

How was your cleaning experience? Did you already know this trick? Tell me about your experiences in the comments below and add anything you want to learn more about.

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