How to Fix a Car Scratch

There are a lot of things that can happen to your car, but scratches is the most common. If you have a car that’s 17 years old, like mine, then scratches aren’t a big concern for you. But if you new or newer car is scratched, especially if it’s a dark color, it’s a HUGE deal. So can you fix a car scratch or do you have to have a pro do it for hundreds of dollars?  The good news is that you can fix 90% of all your car scratches!

In researching this topic, I found a single incredible source that covers every kind of scratch in easy to-do steps! This article is just so good, I can’t possible rewrite the information! So for detailed information on how to fix your car scratch, check out Below is a brief overview of what they cover.

defects chart

The first basic thing to know is how deep the scratch is. The deeper the scratch, the harder to fix. Scratches that are just on the clear coat level can be buffed away with toothpaste and a rag! Who knew?!

But for deeper scratches, you’ll need to go through a process. The article goes in more detail, but here’s basics:

Start by

  1. Washing your car
  2. Sanding down the scratched area with fine sandpaper
  3. Rubbing down the area with a clothe and toothpaste

If the scratch is on the surface:

  1. Use apply wax and you’re done!

If you have a deep scratch:

  1. Apply primer to the scratch
  2. Apply thin layers of touch up paint
  3. Reapply a clear coat
  4. Wax the surface and then the rest of the vehicle

Go forth and make your vehicle look new again! Thanks to Haylee for inspiring this post!

Have you tried this before? Did you run into any problems?

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