Laundry Basics: When Should You Dry Clean?

I don’t know about you, but if a clothing tag tells me the article of clothing is “dry clean only” I tend to ignore it. So far it’s worked pretty well, but there are some pieces of clothing that should be dry cleaned. Here are the top four things to know when considering taking your clothes to the dry cleaners or washing them at home.

Consider the Fabrics

Most fabrics like cotton, cashmere, polyester and nylon can be washed safely at home. More expensive fabrics like silk, velvet, wool, acetate and taffeta should be sent to the dry cleaners. This is because many of these fabrics will bleed their color and become dull in the washing machine and some of these fabrics are very delicate, which means they could be damaged in the washing machine. (source)


Is it Detailed?

If your clothes are detailed with beads, delicate lace and/or sequins, then it’s best to take it to the dry cleaners. Detailing is very delicate and rarely does well in the washing machine. (source)

Photo by Linh Pham on Unsplash

Have Odors and Grease Stains?

Some odors and grease stains are difficult to remove in the washing machine (for tips on how to remove stains, click here). If you have stains or odors you can’t remove, then take it to the dry cleaners. Their process is more efficient at removing these issues and does not damage the fabrics. (source)


Want to Preserve Your Clothing?

Dry cleaners have a range of benefits and professional services they offer beyond cleaning. Services include decreasing yellowing, making alterations and replacing  buttons. They can also preserve your clothes such as wedding dresses. These services cost a little more, but there are few other places where you can get these kinds of services. (source)


Thanks Emily for inspiring this post!

Was this helpful? When do you get your clothes dry cleaned? Have any other questions about dry cleaning? Comment below and share any ideas you want to learn more about.

11 thoughts on “Laundry Basics: When Should You Dry Clean?

  1. I definitely have a few questionable items to be cleaned. My mom made some quilts and I washed one on gentle but I think the rest may have to be dry cleaned. Thanks for the tips!

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  2. I know nothing about laundry and I am about to move in independently hence I am going to save this post.Very short yet very well summarised I was easily able to take in information from your post

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  3. I will save this post for my kids as they are teens and getting ready to leave my nest. I will call it a going away present! Thanks for sharing these ideas!


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