What If Your Pot Catches On Fire?

Story time!

I was boiling water to make pasta. I went to the living room to continue watching my show while I waited for it to boil. A few minutes pass and I casually look over at the kitchen to see my pot engulfed in flames! My first thought was “what is wrong with our fire alarms?!” The fire alarms always go off when I’m cooking, but apparently not when there’s an ACTUAL FIRE in my house!

Luckily the fire went right out with a few sharp blows, but my pot was scorched.


For a little bit I thought it was ruined, given all the black lines. It wasn’t until the pot had cooled down and I touched it that I realized . . . your pot isn’t ruin if it catches fire! ¬†Hallelujah! The soot on the outside wipes off with your finger and can get washed away with water.


So how do you completely fix a scorched pot? Wash it like normal and if there is any remaining streaks, use baking soda and steel wool to remove the rest. Ta-da! It’s just like new.

Moral of the story, beware of dirty drip pans and fire won’t permanently damage your pots. #adulting #learninginreallife

Has your pot ever catch fire? What are you “fire in the kitchen” stories?

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