Laundry Basics: How Do You Wash Clothes That Are Both Light And Dark ?

Laundry would be so much easier if everything was obviously a light or a dark; but then clothes would be a bit boring. A problem we all face is when we get that cute black and white stripped shirt/dress/pants/socks/towel and then we go to wash it. If it has both light and dark colors, where does it belong?

There’s no right answer to this problem, it’s up to your personal preference.  If you are more comfortable washing it in the darks (and are willing to risk that something in your load stains the white or lighter bits) then go for it. If you’re more comfortable washing it with the lights (and are willing to risk the darker colors bleeding onto your lighter clothes) then do it.

No matter what you choose, here are a few guidelines when considering where to put your light/dark clothing:

  1. If it has substantial bits of red, consider putting it in with the darks, just in case the red bleeds (which it tends to do up to the 5th time of washing).
  2. If there is more light color than dark, put it with the lights; or visa versa.
  3. If it’s a new piece of clothing, put it in with the darks. This will ensure that any loose ink won’t bleed onto your light clothes.

What pile do you sort your dark/light clothes into? Comment below with your preference and let me know if there’s anything else you’d like to know.

Thanks to Emily for inspiring this post!

One thought on “Laundry Basics: How Do You Wash Clothes That Are Both Light And Dark ?

  1. Loved the wide range of topics you cover. Wish there had been things like this when we were adulting! somehow that term to me sounds so much like ‘molting’! Keep going

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