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This blog recently received the BLOGGER RECOGNITION AWARD from a fellow blogger, Crisly at Empowering and Uplifting.  I want to give a big thank you to her for showing her support by giving me this award. This is the first time I’ve gotten this award and I’m excited to pass on the recognition to 15 other amazing bloggers.

This BLOGGERS RECOGNITION AWARD is not an actual award, but a fun thing to do between bloggers. It’s a great way to support the blogging community and a great way to engage with readers.

When accepting this award, you must follow these few rules.

  • You must thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • You must write a post to show the award, just like this one.
  • You must write a brief story on how your blog started.
  • You must give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • You must choose 15 bloggers to pass this award to.
  • You must comment on each of their blogs to let them know they have been nominated for this award and provide a link to your post.

How Did Adulting for Millennials Start?

I grew up in a household where you start doing chores at 5. Cleaning, changing car tires, doing your own laundry and cooking were just a part of growing up for me, so you can only imagine my surprise when I reach college and 90% of the people I’m interacting with are doing laundry and cooking for the first time. It absolutely blew my mind! For years now, I’ve been watching the young adults around me struggle to learn basic skills and finally I decided to do something about it. I started Adulting for Millennials as a conglomerate, where all the things you may need to know would come together onto one site. Any struggling young adult (or any adult for that matter) could come and learn and know they aren’t alone. I encourage feedback and suggestions so I know I’m creating posts that my audience can benefit from.

My Advice to New Bloggers

  1. Write something you have even an inkling of passion about. If you don’t, then posting will be a drag. Blogging should be fun, and there needs to be a blog for every topic.
  2. Put time aside to create good posts. My posts take anywhere from 30-60 minutes to fully write, and it’s hard to write quality material in a shorter amount of time. In the end, the better your content, the better you chances of become successful and reaching the people you want to help.


Below are the 15 bloggers I believe deserve this recognition.


This is one of the better travel blogs I’ve seen. The author is engaging and very open about his personal life, which makes his posts fun.


This blog is one of the first I followed and it’s one I never intend to unfollow. This blog is all about DIY projects. If you’re a crafty person like me, you’ll love what Kelley has to share!


This is a fashion and lifestyle blog. I’m not usually into that type of blog, but I like the way Victoria writes and it’s fun to hear from someone who’s also from the Southern US.


Miss Slappy writes a wonderful blog about her life and gives some sage advice, while opening up about her own struggles. It’s an inspiring blog.


I’m not entirely sure what kind a blog this is, but there are some really interesting thoughts and interviews that tend to focus on psychological issues. Both well written and intriguing, it’s definitely worth giving a look.


This blog is all about football (or soccer as we say in America). It’s a very comprehensive look into the sport and the current trends. If football is your jam, this blog should be your go-to.


This is a food blog, but before you skim past, you should know it that it has entire sections focused on living gluten free. If gluten-free is how you live, for whatever reason, there are some incredible recipes you need to check out here.


Wanna get buff? Then check out these bad boy articles to find ways to better your exercise habits.


This blog has a lot to offer, from cute family made posts and videos to how to garden posts. I love reading what she has to say!


If you’re an young adult, this blog will speak to you! It’s fun, flirty and covers topics from fashion to flirting.


Are you a book fanatic? Well this girl’s got your back! She does comprehensive reviews of quality books that just make you want to read.


Want to travel but don’t have the time or money? Well worry no more because this girl will show you Dubai like you’ve never seen it before!


So Called Mom isn’t no much a mommy blogger as an adventurer who happens to be a mom. She’s got some great posts that deal with kids as well as how to function as a mother.


This is another crafty blog, but with some higher price and more sophisticated crafts and designs.


This blogger has some great ways to live your life to the fullest! Did you know it’s okay for you to have everything you want? She sure does!

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