Tipping 101: Tips for 14 Different Professions

Tipping is always a tricky situation. Do you tip the waiter 5% or 10%? What about a mechanic? Do you tip mechanics? How about a bartender or taxi drivers? Each profession is different and the quality of service and your budget should also play a part in how much you tip. Don’t feel pressured to tip bad service, but do be mindful of employees who might be overrun or new. If the service is okay or above, tip at least a little to show your support. Also keep in mind your budget. Tipping can add anywhere from $5-$100 to your bill, so plan accordingly. 

How To Calculate Your Tip:

Math is hard guys, so here’s the basic formula for how to tip when you’re dealing with percentages.

total x tip (decimal) = tip amount.

For example: 10 x .10 (for 10%) = $1. So you’re total, including tip would be $11.


If your service was fantastic start with 15%-20% and add on as the bartender serves you.

If it was okay-good tip $1-$2 a drink.

If it’s bad, but not abysmal, leave a small tip anyway. Bartenders have bad days too.

Find out more here.



That standard tipping rate for a waiter/waitress is 15% of your meal. For busers and hosts it’s $1-$5 depending on how generous you feel.

The standard rules apply: if they give exceptional service, then tip more, if they are horrible waiters (without the excuse of a busy night) then leave no tip. If they are having a busy night, be gracious and leave a little something.

For more info, click here.


Taxi/Limo/Uber/Lyft Driver

Tips usually range from 15%-20% of your ride. If you’re travelling with a family and lots of luggage, you may consider tipping more than if you’re riding a short distance alone.

Remember to tip based on your experience. A tip is a reward, not a requirement.

For more information, click here.


Valet Attendant

As a general rule, only tip a valet $1-$5.

You can tip during drop-off or pick up and you are not expected to tip for both.

Click here for more.



Tip $1-$2 per bag.

Learn more here.


Restroom Attendant

Tip $2-$3 for an attendant who hands you a paper towel.

Tip $0.50 for an attendant who holds the paper towel hostage.

Click here for more.

picture of a sink

Delivery Man

Whether it’s pizza or packages, you should tip your delivery man. You should tip 15% for normal service and $20 for great service.

Learn more here.


DJ (Disc Jockey)

Tip between 10%-15% for the event.

Click here for more information.


Casino Host

Some casinos don’t allow their hosts to take cash tips, but you can give them a gift as a thank you.

For more information, click here.


Tattoo Artist

Unlike most professions, tipping is expected here.

Tip between 10%-20% of the cost of tattoo.

If you go in for multiple sessions for a large tattoo, you can decide when to tip.

Learn more here.


Gaming Dealer

Tip 5% of your winnings.

Learn more here.


Maid/House Cleaner

Tip $2-$5 per night you stay.

If you leave a mess, leave a larger tip.

Find more information here.



Tip standards are 15%, but tip more or less depending on your satisfaction with their work.

Learn more here.



Tip 5%-10% of the cost of the move (so if you move a state over and it costs $2000, dip at least $100 in total tips). Give the tip in one bunch and let the movers divide it among themselves.

Tip more if it’s a harder move: stairs, awkward and heavy furniture, packing for you, etc.

For more information, click here.


Are there any other professions you want to know how to tip? What tipping stories do you have? Comment below with your thoughts and add anything else you’d like to learn from my next post.

Thanks to Raquel for inspiring this post! Check out her blog here.

6 thoughts on “Tipping 101: Tips for 14 Different Professions

  1. This is really interesting. Thanks for breaking it down and making it easy for us to understand how it works.


  2. Great list, I need to save this for when we visit the US next year. In Scandinavia, it’s not normal to give tips, so it’s a real head ache trying to figure out how much tip is appropriate to give when we’re out traveling! Thanks 🙂

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