5 Fresh Ways to Eat Vegetables

One of the hardest parts of being an adult is establishing a balanced diet – which unfortunately includes the consumption of veggies. And let’s be real, very few veggies taste very good on their own and it doesn’t take long before they get boring. But never fear, fellow adulters, here are some awesome new takes on veggies, from cut to use, that will help you maintain a healthy diet without it killing your appetite.

Cut It Like It’s Hot

Let’s start with how to cut veggies so they’re fun. The simplest way is to do more advanced cuts from mincing and dicing to chiffonade and brunoise. Learning to do different cuts will make your vegetables more interesting, and feeling like a pro chef doesn’t hurt either 😉


Sometimes, the normal cuts just aren’t enough. It’s cool, but strips and squares can get boring after a while. I totally get it. That’s why I look for what I like to call “food art.” For example, these carrots! (source) There are so many fun ways to cut your veggies. Cooking can go from a chore to an awesome arts and crafts project in moments! 

How to cut carrot flowers

Shape It Like It’s Art

After you’ve mastered and created a work of art with the cut, it’s time to make your food look like art as well. Be careful though, if you get too good at this, you may not want to eat the masterpiece you’ve created. Who knew veggies were so much fun? I love these cucumber roses! (source)

Super fun video tutorial! (less than a minute). I LOVE this site!! 3 Fun Ways To Cut A Cucumber by Fast Forward Fun

And breakfast isn’t excluded from the fun. These eggs are darling and healthy. (source)

Eggs Fried with Tomato in Bell Pepper Ring

Something Fresh, Something New

Pizza is one of my favorite foods ever and I love little bite sized pizzas. The only problem is making the little pieces of dough. I just think that process takes so long! That is, until I found this recipe! Now I enjoy pizza that’s low calorie, healthy and tastes great without the work of making a billion mini crusts. Introducing the mini zucchini pizzas! (source)

Mini Zucchini Pizzas

What do you think? Are any of these exciting to you or are veggies still the worst? What are the tricks you use to love your veggies? Comment below and don’t be afraid to suggest things you want to know.

Thanks to Notorious Victoria for inspiring this post! Check her blog out here.

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